8 closet decluttering tips to steal from professionals |

Keeping a closet clear of clutter is perhaps one of the most difficult organizational tasks in your home. It is so easy to put your clothes away haphazardly and close the doors then forget about them for another day. But what happens is that you tend to wear the same things again and again, buy items nearly identical to what you already have but have forgotten about, and take items out to wear, only to find they’re creased or have simply become invisible. If any of this sounds familiar, you may need some professional closet decluttering tips. 

Whether you have some closet organization ideas in place already or not, decluttering can be difficult to wrap your head around. It is easy to become sentimentally attached to clothes, or feel bad if something doesn’t quite fit like it used to – it is arguably the most mentally draining decluttering activity. What’s more, decluttering clothes is only one element of decluttering a closet because it tends to hold all your accessories, including shoes, too.