Interior design trend: Top designers explain comfy glamour

The world of design is so dynamic, you learn something new every day. And sometimes, talking to top designers of the world teaches you more than an academic lesson! The key is to read between the lines. There’s always an interesting insight or two hidden in their answers, that point towards a trend that they, either knowingly or unknowingly hint towards. I’ve learned to listen. And here’s what I found out. 

A few months ago, during my conversation with interior designer Miles Redd, who always fascinated me with his high-octane aesthetic and uninhibited use of color, mentioned the idea of ‘comfy glamor’.  It originated from a desire to have a magazine cover-worthy home but one that is so comfortable, you don’t need to treat it like touch-me-not. One, where you can put your feet up, hold a glass of wine without being panic-stricken, and deeply relax in, knowing everything will be alright.