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SEATTLE — In one of Seattle’s oldest and grandest neighborhoods, a historic home awaits a new owner.

“So the house was built in 1924,” said Brian Flynn, the owner of the home. “They started working on it about 100 years ago. It was built for the CEO of what’s now Puget Sound Energy.”

“When we looked around the house, as we walked through it, every room seemed to be a wow room. It’s like, ‘Wow, this is a beautiful room. This is a beautiful space.’ And so we fell in love with the property.”

“It’s a five-city lot house and the house itself is a little under 12,000 square feet,” Flynn said. “In the foyer, they laid some tile that was from a Spanish castle. And so that made it quite special. It’s something that I’d never seen before it was really distinctive.”

“The living room is really for entertaining. We’ll have upwards of 50 to 100 people in just that space because it’s so large.”

“The dining room can see at least 20 people. There was a large chandelier that was beautiful, but what my wife was able to find she found three chandeliers from the Plaza Hotel in New York City and bought them and they just they look beautiful.”

Beautiful is almost an understatement when it comes to the kitchen.

“We wanted to have a chef’s kitchen, a real chef’s kitchen,” Flynn said. “We looked around to try to find what are the best cooking islands that are built anywhere in the world. And I happened upon a company in Florence, Italy called Officine Gullo. It required eight men to move just half of the island into the kitchen because it weighed 1,600 pounds. And so, it’s quite dramatic when you see it. And it’s awesome to cook on.”

“This is the family room. So we spent a lot of time in this room. It’s adjacent to the kitchen,” Flynn described. “We had a covered terrace put in with heaters in the ceiling with a fireplace with a TV above the fireplace.”

“The pool is absolutely beautiful art deco pool design. It was built about 50 years ago. It’s almost 10 feet deep.”

“This pickleball court, we’re told by one of the former owners of the house, is the very first pickleball court in all of Seattle. And Senator Pritchard, who was one of the co-inventors of pickleball was friends with a former owner.”

The home also has a golf simulator, a home theater, a gym, and a 12-hundred-bottle wine cellar that you may never want to leave.

“The secret of this home is that you have this great historic house and these beautiful rooms. But when the current owners did the remodel, they brought to this home what a lot of older homes don’t have which is the flow. So it lives like people like to live nowadays,” said Laura Halliday, the broker for the home with Realogics Sotheby’s International Reality.

Moving on is never easy. But the Fynns hope whoever buys their historic home will treasure it as much as they have.

“I wanted to take something that was spectacular when we found it, and leave it even more spectacular when we leave it.”

The home is currently on the market for 13.2 million dollars.

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