The Best Shrubs To Grow In Your Yard For A Colorful Spring, According To An Expert

Here’s another exceptional spring bloomer to add to your garden, according to Will. “Azaleas — a sub-group of rhododendrons — are absolutely stunning in the spring, covered in bright blooms,” she says. “Their flowers can last for weeks and are breathtaking to behold when seen in mass plantings.” If you have a large flowerbed or a yard that lacks beauty and character, consider planting several azaleas in groupings to get the best-desired results. “Azalea flowers are found in shades of pink, purple, white, red, orange, and yellow,” Will notes.

Like most plant life, the key is getting the location just right. “They are able to tolerate full sun or part shade locations. If planted in a more shady spot, azaleas will form a graceful habit as they reach for the sun, and although they’ll have fewer flowers, the blooms will last longer,” shares Will. Indeed, that’s an excellent way to add dimension and shape to a garden or landscaped area.