The Shower Type That Most People Want In Their Bathroom

Out of 606 respondents, 35.97% (218 people) said they would prefer a walk-in shower for their home, according to our survey. There are many benefits to installing a walk-in shower, such as the availability of more space, easy maintenance, a plethora of stylish doors to choose from, increased accessibility, and its ability to fit in various-sized bathrooms, per Basco Shower Enclosures. Some homeowners even opt to install their walk-in showers with no doors for a completely open and bright space, per Home Depot.

However, if you’re planning on installing a walk-in shower to replace a bathtub, be sure there is another tub somewhere in your home. Remodel Inspo says not having a single bathtub in your home can impact its resale value, and most buyers are searching for a master bathroom with both a shower and tub. So if you’re installing a walk-in, we suggest combining it with a freestanding tub if you have enough space.